Are you in Real Estate?  Home repair?  Home furnishing?  Why don't you own this web site?

Many domains are available for sale.  A local area code followed by a single word related to your business is a great way to be remembered.  What good is a long domain name if your potential customers don't have paper and pencil handy?  Think about the people hearing or seeing your ad while driving.  How will they remember to visit your web site when they get to their home or office?  

Already have a web site?   Just like your office has more than one phone number your web site can have more than one domain name. can be forwarded to your existing web site. 

Do you have a radio, TV or billboard ad campaign in the works?   Add right after your phone number and make sure they have a quick and easy way to find you when they can get to a computer. 

People know their area code.  Some even take a certain pride in their area code.  Can you think of any other three digit number all your customers recognize right away and will be able to remember an hour later?   Add a one syllable word that represents your business and the every-present 'dot com' and you have another customer via your web site.  

Contact me for more information about this and other domains that could help your business.  Please email ray (at) rayvaughan (dot) com.  Please include the domain you're interested in.